BMW MPPSK Package: Performance Benefits & Is it Worth the Cost?

What is the BMW MPPSK Package?

The BMW MPPSK package stands for the "M-Performance Power and Sound Kit". The kit is BMW-designed and manufactured and includes a more aggressive engine tune and a performance exhaust system to increase the performance, horsepower, and sound.

The kit is only available for 40i models, featuring the B58 engine. What's included in the MPPSK kit?

  • More aggressive engine tune
  • Catback exhaust system
  • Stainless steel and carbon fiber exhaust tips / finishers

MPPSK Performance Benefits and Horsepower Increase

BMW claims a 35hp and 39lb-ft power increase over the standard B58, increasing power to 355hp and 369lb-ft of torque.

On a stock B58 the turbocharger probably runs anywhere from 8-11psi of boost. To achieve the 35hp and 39lb-ft power increases with the MPPSK, the tune simply increases the boost levels. Because the B58 is over-built and under-tuned, meaning BMW built the engine to hold a lot more power than it produces, the boost levels can be increased moderately to create more power without having a significant impact on reliability.

The exhaust system is a high flow, less restrictive, design which uses electronically controlled exhaust valves (or flaps) and can make the "exhaust burble" noises that people love. While the exhaust system is a nice sound upgrade, it really isn't a meaningful component of the power increases. The only true significant exhaust power-added is catless downpipes, and this exhaust is just a catback system. The MPPSK exhaust can be purchased directly from BMW for $1,700, if you don't want the more aggressive tune to go with it.

MPPSK Dyno Results

On the dyno, a factory 340i pulled 331whp and 325lb-ft. of torque to the wheels. Post-MPPSK install, the same 340i ran 368whp and 370lb-ft. of torque. That's a 37whp and 45wtq increase, which supports BMW's original horsepower benefit claims. However, because the B58 is underrated power-wise from the factory, the true horsepower and torque numbers are actually higher than the 355hp and 369tq numbers that BMW claims at the crank. Not too bad!

MPPSK Power GainsPin

MPPSK & Factory Warranty

The biggest benefit of the MPPSK package is that it does not void any factory or extended warranty. Because this package was built by BMW and is sold and installed directly by them, you will not run into any warranty issues. This tends to not be the case with aftermarket performance parts, as most of those will tend to void warranty.

MPPSK Package Cost

Prices vary depending on whether you have a 2-series, 3-series, 4 or 5-series 40i BMW.

Looking specifically at the 340i, he MPPSK package can be purchased directly from BMW for $2,950. Because the exhaust can be purchased by BMW for $1,700, the cost of the tune is approx. $1,250. Here is a breakdown of what you are looking at total cost after install:

MPPSK Exhaust System: $1,700
MPPSK Tune: $1,250
Dealership Install: $400 (we've seen quotes from $300-$500+)
Total Cost: $3,350
Est. Taxes: $250
All-in MPPSK Cost: $3,600

Cost per 1whp: $97.30
Cost per 1wtq:  $80.00

Benefits of the MPPSK Package

  • 37whp and 45lb-ft. tq increases to the wheels
  • Maintains factory warranty & extended warranty
  • Sounds great without being too loud

Con's of MPPSK:

  • At $3,600 or $97.30 per 1whp, it is extremely expensive
  • You're paying $1,700 for the exhaust system which barely adds power

Is the MPPSK Package Worth It?

In our opinion, the MPPSK package is not worth it. But that's because were power guys and all about pushing BMW's to the max. Whether it's worth it to you or not really comes down to one question in our opinion:

Do you still have factory warranty and do you care if you lose it? 

If you don't have factory warranty or you don't care about losing it, we recommend using an aftermarket tune and throwing some additional performance mods on the car. With an intake and a JB4 tune, you can add approx. 100whp for $700. That's $7 per 1whp compared to $97.30. BUT, the JB4 will void your factory warranty.

If you want to maintain factory warranty, but add a little bit of power and some sound, and don't mind $3,600 then the MPPSK is a great option. And we're happy to see BMW offering some increased power options since their engines are usually under-tuned from the factory.

If you're looking to add serious horsepower to your B58, read this guide here: How to Build a 500HP 40i B58 BMW for Less Than $1,500


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  1. I I purchased a 2017 BMW 340i from a Porsche dealer in Atl. a few months back. I looked under the hood and saw a name plate on my engine cover that states “M Power Kit”. But my questions is, how do I know I actually have the total install? I know I have the muffler portion because I can see it.
    Not sure if I have the tune. Is there a way to tell? Thanks, Cris

  2. Hello everybody I’ve been a month with my MPPSK in my 340i Unfortunately it’s been my second visit to the dealer because they left valve it’s not opening on a sport or sport plus after proper warm-up of the car or simply just on a regular driving. In My car the right valve it’s opening on sport or sport plus, is it normal that the left one stay closed when you are on sport or sport plus? It’s not supposed both open like in the regular logic of the stock exhaust? Thanks

  3. I had mine installed last week in my 2016 340i and honestly can’t be happier, I’m not a racer, never track my car and it’s my daily but 30% of my driving time I’m in S or S+ and the crackles and moderate burbles are in my opinion priceless, it’s hell expensive but there’s not many things in life that generates that feeling especially at my age 😂, highly recommended and it’s like having two cars, one incognito for the neighbors and one beast for your spirit driving. Car feels and sound deeper stronger, love the MPPSK.

  4. Do you know if there are any discounts for the MPPSK in the DC area? I’ve reached out via email to BMW areas in the areas and no one has responded. I have a 2019 440i xdrive gran coupe.

    I’m willing to pay $2600 for the MPPSK package, to include, tuning and installation, and if you know of any discounts/specials please let me know.


    1. Scot – it’s probably 1-2mpg I’d say. Maybe slightly more if the extra power makes you hit the gas a bit more frequently.