BMW B58 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs


Set of 6 1-Step Colder NGK 97506 spark plugs for B58 engines


1-Step Colder Spark Plugs for BMW B58 Engine

NGK 97506 spark plugs function as 1-step colder spark plugs for the BMW B58 engine. Colder spark plugs are recommended for B58’s pushing the limits of the stock turbo or running an upgraded turbo (450+whp). Additionally, they may be used in lower horsepower B58 applications for those tracking or aggressively driving their cars. These colder spark plugs will likely need to be changed every 10,000-15,000 miles, or sooner if the engine is experiencing rough idle, longer starts, or misfires.

Why Opt for 1-Step Colder Plugs?

As an important note – running colder spark plugs will not necessarily increase power (they may, however, restore power if the current plugs are old and worn). Colder spark plugs are more efficient at transferring heat away from the tips of the spark plugs. Lower horsepower B58’s will not create as much heat, so these spark plugs may not work as effectively as the OEM option under 450whp. Or they will require quicker replacements. The reason behind that is that the spark plug tips stay too cool and become less effective at burning carbon deposits off the tip of the plugs. However, keeping the spark plug tips cooler is essential for preventing misfires in higher horsepower B58’s.

NOTE: We recommend gapping these plugs down to about 0.020″ – 0.024″ using a spark plug gapping tool. The exact gapping depends on power and boost. Higher horsepower B58’s should lean towards the lower end of the gapping recommendation.


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