BMW N54 Modification & Tuning Course

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From tuning to bolt-on mods to turbo upgrades and everything in between. Learn how to build a 750whp+ N54.

BMW N54 Engine Modification Course
course overview

From FBO to 750whp+, We Cover it All

We cover every modification you need, with in-depth information on each, whether you are looking to go FBO, Single Turbo, or somewhere in between.

Course outline

5 Sections, 20 Topics Covered

All the sections of our course and what’s included in each one of them.

  • Engine & Turbo Power Limits
  • Maintenance Before Modding
  • Setups by Power Goal
  • Tuning
  • Dual Cone Intakes
  • Downpipes
  • Intercoolers
  • Chargepipes & BOVs
  • Inlets & Outlets
  • E85 & Ethanol Blends
  • LPFP Upgrades
  • Port Injection
  • Water-Methanol Injection (WMI)
  • Other Fueling Upgrades
  • Single vs Twin Turbos
  • Twin Turbo Setups
  • Single Turbo Conversions
  • Cooling Upgrades
  • Suspension, Chassis, Wheel/Tire Mods
  • Other Misc. Mods
about us

Our N54 Experience

We’ve built N54’s with both single turbo and upgraded twin turbos.

Our 750whp Single Turbo 135i

We’ve DIY’d a single turbo 135i conversion using the PT6266 Gen2 turbo.

Our 600whp Twin Turbo 335i

Our 335i has upgraded twins, full bolt-ons, custom tuned for 600whp+.


Course Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our N54 mod course.

This course is going to give you a foundational understanding of performance upgrades and tuning for the N54 engine. We cover each modification in-depth, providing knowledge around the performance benefits along with important considerations to help you choose the best options for your setup. We teach you what you need to build a 500, 600, or even 700whp N54, but do note this isn’t a 100% done-for-you solution meaning we aren’t going to tell you exactly what you should do but rather give you all the information you need to make an informed decision yourself.

From a tuning standpoint we cover everything from JB4’s with BEF’s, to MHD, custom tuning and so on but this course is not a DIY-tuning course, so no, this will not teach you how to custom tune your N54. We suggest leaving that to the actual custom tuners.

We offer some limited support through the community that this course is a part of. After purchase and creating your account you will have access to the course + the full community. In this community you can ask questions and get help from our team + all the other knowledgeable folks that have taken this course as well.

Purchasing this course will direct you to create an account after inputting your payment information. The course is hosted within our own community, located at – once you are in here you will see the course available under the “Courses” section and we have plenty of video instructions on how to navigate the course and platform.