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We create courses teaching you how to build high-performance BMW’s, covering all aspects of tuning and performance modifications.

Our courses dive into everything from basic bolt-on mods to tuning, fueling upgrades, build engines, chassis and suspension mods, and everything in between.

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BMW N54 Spark Plug Upgrade Guide

Ultimate BMW N54 Spark Plug Guide

Spark plugs are standard maintenance on the BMW N54, and it’s equally important to address spark plugs when modifying the engine. The spark plugs are often a source of issues and headaches from misfires. As such, it’s important to install the right spark plugs with proper gapping (and replace them as normal maintenance). In this…

Ultimate BMW M50 Engine Guide

The BMW M50 engine is one of the brand’s first modern inline-six engines utilizing 21st-century engine technology. Compared to other BMW inline-six engines of the past, like the M20, the M50 was not only technically advanced for the time, but also reliable, capable, and easy to work on. It was also featured in some of…

BMW N20 Timing Chain Failure – Symptoms & Solutions

While the N20 is often considered a stout and reliable engine, early versions of the engine have a major flaw with the design of the timing chain guides. The plastic guides are known to disintegrate, allowing excess slack in the timing chain, plastic particles in the oil filter, and excess timing chain wear. The N20…

BMW N63 Fuel Injector Failure – Symptoms & Solutions

The BMW N63 isn’t an engine known for reliability. At least in the early years of its production. With the introduction of later N63TU, TU2, and TU3 variants, reliability got much better than the pre-technical updated variant. One of the most significant issues with the early N63 engine was fuel injector failure. The Piezoelectric injectors…

Best and Worst Years for the BMW 5-Series

The 5-Series is one of the most iconic models that BMW has ever released. With a history spanning more than 50 years, the 5-Series is the go-to luxury family-friendly sedan with plenty of performance too. With eight total generations, it can be hard to decide which year 5er is the right one to purchase. That’s…

BMW E46 Common Problems Guide – Problems, Symptoms & Fixes

In the eyes of many enthusiasts, the E46 represents the pinnacle of the 3-Series formula, and for a good reason. The wide array of solid, reliable engine options, unparalleled chassis dynamics, and timeless looks all culminate to produce one of the best BMW models of all time. However, the E46 isn’t without its issues, with…

BMW M60 Engine Guide

The BMW M60 engine marked a return to the V8 formula for the Bavarian marque. Prior to the M60, BMW’s most recent V8 offering was carbureted. For the first modern V8 in their catalog, BMW knocked it out of the park with the M60, remaining a popular engine in BMW enthusiast circles to this day….

BMW E46 Subframe Cracks – Symptoms & Solutions

If you’ve ever thought about pulling the trigger on a BMW E46, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of the infamous ‘subframe cracking’ issue that plagued every model of the E46 from 1999 to 2006. While the issue actually has to do with the E46’s rear axle carrier panel and its inability to withstand the…

How To Build A Budget E46 Track Car

It’s no secret that the 3-Series chassis is a fan favorite for budget track car builds. With other 3-Series options climbing in price to a ridiculous degree, the E46 chassis remains one of the most affordable options for someone looking to have some fun on the track. E46s are also well-balanced, produce ample power, and…