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Our garage currently includes a 2008 135i, 2007 335i, and 2008 535i. You can say we are somewhat N54 fanatics. We are hoping to soon add an F80 M3 and F82 M4 GTS.

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BMW i4 vs Tesla Model 3 – Which is Better?

With the death of the internal combustion engine looming on the horizon, it is no secret that most current auto manufacturers are trying to strike early with some new hard-hitting models, BMW included. While Tesla jumped in head first, dedicating all of their resources to their electric vehicle endeavors, BMW has obviously been splitting their…

BMW N52 Lifter Tick – Causes & Solutions

The BMW N52 engine is the last naturally aspirated inline-6 engine that BMW manufactured. That is a big deal considering the brand’s reputation for creating some of the best straight-6 engines ever made. Throughout the N52’s lengthy 11-year build cycle between 2004 and 2015, it garnered a reputation for smooth power delivery and bulletproof reliability….

2024 BMW M5 Touring – What We Know So Far

Practicality isn’t typically the first word in the BMW M-Division’s vocabulary. Most of the time, raw performance and dedication to the “Ultimate Driving Machine” mantra are paramount to everything else. But the M-Division is also pretty good at violating their own blueprints, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. In the case of the M-Division’s…

Will the Next BMW M3 Be Full Electric?

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, electrification is here and it’s quickly taking over the automotive world. The BMW M3 and M4 remain among a shrinking list of enthusiast & driver’s cars that still offer ICE and manual transmissions. What will happen with the next generation M3 and M4, though? Will they stay true…

BMW B48 Engine Problems Guide

We are almost 10 years into the B48 build cycle and to date, the turbocharged inline-4 is holding up just as well as many had expected. As part of the BMW Modular B-Series engine platform, the BMW B48 shares nearly identical construction to the larger inline-6 B58 engine. Besides their massive power potential, the BMW…

Ultimate BMW B48 Engine Guide

At this point, the BMW B48 engine has been around for 9 years and has powered some of BMW’s most popular vehicles including the majority of F30, G20, and G30 models. When the B48 was released in 2014, it replaced the popular N20 engine as the newest iteration of BMW’s turbocharged inline-4 formula. As part…

BMW E36 Buyers Guide

The BMW E36 marked the third iteration of the BMW 3-Series and brought the model range closer to the edge of the 21st century. The prior E21 and E30 chassis’ were so widely loved that cemented the 3-Series name as the top driver-focused, German everyday car on the market. While the E36 certainly kept the…

BMW S55 Engine Guide – Specs, Reliability, & Modifications

Prior to 2013, even thinking about a turbocharged BMW M3 was considered sacrilegious. But, then again, BMW always brushed controversy aside when it came to their star child. Before the F80 was the S65 V8-powered E9X M3 which was Judas 1.0 to the M3’s holy inline-6 recipe that began with the E36. Now it has…