How BMW Tuning Got Started

BMW Tuning was started by Zach & Jake out of their passion for BMW’s, and more specifically the tune-ability of the N54 engine. Prior to starting this site, we (Zach & Jake) owned and managed an online BMW parts store that sold OEM and aftermarket parts. After running the site for 4 years, we decided to narrow our focus from the overall BMW market to the N54 market only. While this site sells a select few N54 specific parts, the main purpose of this website is to share information related to the maintenance, tuning, and modding of the N54 engine. The parts sold here are sourced from our prior connections in the industry, and are limited to OEM parts. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t put on our own cars.

Our Purpose: Spread BMW Knowledge

BMW Tuning is an online community of BMW enthusiasts with a passion for modding and tuning BMW engines. The goal of this site is to include articles on various aspects of tuning and modifying the N54 engine, with guides that range from basic bolt-on tuning to advanced technical tuning and everything in between. While our community is starting small, we welcome all N54 owners and enthusiasts to get involved and join us. We want this site to be a one-stop shop for learning everything about BMW engines and their tuning capabilities. Contact us if you are interested in joining our community and writing about BMW’s!

Meet the Guys & their Rides

Zach and Jake have been driving BMW’s for years, starting with an old family E60 535i. From there both stuck true to the N54 roots and picked up an E90 335i and an E82 135i, completing the N54 lineup.