8020 Media and BMW Tuning Team

About BMW Tuning

We’ve been in the BMW world for over a decade now, selling replacement and performance parts, and getting our hands dirty building our own high-powered BMW’s. We take the wealth of knowledge and hands on experience we’ve gained over the years and use it to create the most in-depth digital courses on BMW tuning and performance modifications.

Our courses cover everything performance: from basic bolt-on mods and tuning to advanced topics like fueling upgrades, turbo upgrades, chassis and suspension mods, and everything in between. Between our courses and articles we are dedicated with providing you the best advice and information on performance upgrades, based on real-world, hands-on experience.

Our Knowledge & Expertise

At BMW Tuning, our team of experts has over 30 years of combined experience repairing, maintaining, and upgrading BMWs. Zach and Jake began selling OEM BMW parts online in 2013 and eventually decided to focus on content and information instead of parts. After spending countless hours browsing forums, reading BMW technical training documents, and working on their BMWs, they founded BMW N54 Tuners in 2017. In 2019, BMW N54 Tuners was merged into BMW Tuning with a focus on tuning, mods, maintenance, repairs, comparisons, and more content for all BMW engines and models.

Our team currently owns a combined 6 BMW’s most of which are extensively modified and meticulously maintained (exteriors not included). An E30 with a stroker kit, E30 with an M30B35 swap, an upgraded twin turbo N54, and a single turbo N54 are just a few of our projects. We build things in our own garage and take the time to learn and understand what we’re doing until the work is perfected. And then we share everything we learn with you here, through our content and modification courses.

Meet the BMW Tuning Team

Our team that writes for BMW Tuning has extensive hands-on experience repairing and modifying BMW’s. We have been engrained in the BMW community for years and we all own, DIY, and modify our own range of BMW’s. While we below are the primary writers, the rest of the 8020 Media teams helps with content editing, site maintenance, and various other tasks to help keep our site up to date with the latest and greatest content.

Zach BMW Tuning Author


Zach holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. Zach, alongside his brother Jake, founded 8020 Media, and has been directly involved in the automotive industry for over a decade. He currently owns a heavily modded 575whp E90 335i, E30 325i with an M30B35 swap, and a G30 530i. Zach has over 10 years experience working on and upgrading BMW’s, and spends countless hours browsing BMW forums and analyzing technical training documents. He is also an experienced author with over 400 automotive articles published. The combination of Zach’s experience as a BMW enthusiast, technical knowledge, and research & writing skills, make him a crucial resource for anyone looking to maintain or improve their BMW’s performance.

Austin Parsons


Austin received a bachelor’s degree in technical writing from the University of Colorado Denver. He spent the first 5 years of his career working as a Technical Product Specialist for BMW before joining the BMW Tuning team in 2022. Austin has an affinity for the most expensive, least reliable BMW’s as he previously owned an E39 540i M-Sport, E34 535i, and E38 740i. Fortunately, Austin is an excellent BMW mechanic with endless technical knowledge, so fixing problems comes naturally. His current BMW project is an E30 325i with a stroker kit and countless other mods. Austin’s experience as a BMW Technical Product Specialist, technical writing background, and passion for all things BMW allows him to deliver knowledgeable, in-depth content for our readers. Whether you’re new to BMW or a seasoned enthusiast, Austin is a valuable asset in all stages of your BMW journey.

Jake Mayock


Jake has a bachelor’s degree from Texas Christian University. He is one of the founders of 8020 Media alongside Zach, and has been in the automotive industry for more than a decade. Jake currently owns two N54 powered BMW’s – an E60 535i and E82 135i. Jake has 10 years of experience maintaining, repairing, and upgrading his BMW’s. The 135i features a single turbo Precision 6266 conversion capable of 700+whp; Jake completed the entire project on his own. With over 200 automotive articles published, Jake brings a balance of writing skill, hands-on BMW experience, and technical knowledge to the table. He also has deep web-development knowledge, which allows the BMW Tuning team to deliver content in a clean, easy to navigate format.

Our No ‘AI’ Content Policy

BMW Tuning and 8020 Media have a “no AI” content policy – meaning we do not use AI or language learning tools to help create our content. Every article we write is hand written by either Zach, Jake, Austin, or one of our other in house authors. We use our real life hands on experience and in-depth research to create the articles we create. Each of us has been driving and modifying BMW’s for years.

These AI tools can read and learn as much from our content as they can, but nothing replaces real experience. We are the experts, not these AI tools and for that reason we will never rely on them to create content for you. Our goal is to provide the highest quality, most accurate, and most honest information to our readers – something that cannot be accomplished through models that haven’t turned a wrench or tested products.

About 8020 Media

8020 Media was founded in 2017 by Zach & Jake Mayock and currently owns & operates BMW Tuning. BMW N54 Tuners was the first blog operated by 8020 Media before changing to BMW Tuning in 2019. Ultimately, BMW is what started it all and has enabled 8020 Media to deliver thousands of insightful, well-researched, and knowledgeable articles to over 30,000,000 readers across the globe.

We pride ourselves on creating unique, insightful, high-quality, and accurate information. However, the 8020 Media team isn’t just a group of automotive journalists sitting behind a computer screen writing content all day long. We actually build cars, too. From basic maintenance, to complex repairs, to engine swaps and turbo upgrades, we put in the work to ensure we deliver accurate, quality information.

We’re always interested in motivated car enthusiasts to help create content and grow our audience, if you have a passion for cars and want to work with us check out our careers at 8020 Media.