BMW S55 OEM Spark Plugs


Set of (6) OEM BMW S55 Spark Plugs


Set of (6) OEM BMW S55 Spark Plugs by Bosch (ZR5TPP330)

OEM Bosch S55 Spark Plugs – BMW Part # 12 12 0 039 634

  • Platinum electrodes for longevity
  • Colder heat range for misfire and knock prevention
  • OEM plug for N55T0, S55, and S63TU engines

These spark plugs are the direct OEM replacements for all 2012+ M-series engines, used in the F87 M2, F80 M3, F82 M4, F10 M5, and F06-F13 M6. It is recommended to replace these spark plugs every 25,000 miles, although they may need to be replaced sooner if you are tuned or running higher than stock horsepower.

Additionally, these should be replaced if you begin to experience long starts, cold start issues, misfires, poor fuel economy, or rough idling. Bad spark plugs will leave unburnt fuel in the exhaust and decrease the life of your catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

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