OEM N54 Spark Plugs


Set of 6 OEM Bosch spark plugs. Bosch ZGR-6-STE2 (BMW SKU: 12 12 0 037 244)


Product will come in Bosch Packaging!

Recommended for Stock or Slightly Modified BMW N54’s

These OEM Spark Plugs are recommended for N54’s running stock boost and should be changed every ~40,000 miles on a stock N54. If you are running these on a tuned N54, running above stock boost levels, then we recommend replacing these every ~15,000-20,000 miles. If you are about to tune your car (JB4, Cobb, etc.) and increase boost pressure on your N54, we highly recommend replacing your spark plugs and ignition coils beforehand to reduce the possibility of misfires (which are almost a guarantee if you are on old plugs and coils).

The Reason Tuned N54’s Shouldn’t Use OEM Plugs

As more boost is added to the engine, more fuel is burned which results in the temperature inside the combustion chamber rising. As combustion temperatures rise, spark plugs with higher heat ranges will begin sparking or igniting early, causing misfires. Using spark plugs with lower heat ranges (ie. 1-step or 2-steps colder) will lower the temperature of the spark plug tip and ensure that the spark plugs aren’t pre-igniting and causing misfires. The OEM Bosch spark plugs are the best option for stock N54’s or slightly modified N54’s running stock boost. However, on higher horsepower cars (400whp and up) we strongly recommend using 1- or 2-Step Colder spark plugs to prevent misfires and poor performance.


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