VRP BMW B48 Upgraded Turbo Inlet


Turbo inlet upgrade for 20i B48 vehicles


The 2.0T B48 is well known as a powerhouse of an engine. Commonly seen in Mini Cooper?s and even the new A90 Supra. The B48 has been around for quite some time and the true potential of the platform is untapped. One of the weakest points when trying to achieve more power is the weak plastic turbo inlet pipe

The best way to solve this weak point is with the VR Performance upgraded turbo inlet pipe kit for BMW B48 engine. Due to the factory pipe being made of plastic, it is prone to cracking and popping off the flange when under high boost pressure. By replacing the pipe you are effectively improving the efficiency and reliability of your engine. The smooth aluminum construction improves the air flow as well.

Charge air is the compressed air that travels from the turbocharger through the intercooler to the engine. Smoothly delivering charge air is essential to the performance of your engine. The VR Performance turbo inlet pipe kit fits precisely thanks to 3D scanning and CAD modeling. Everything required for installation is provided including the silicone coupler and clamps.


  • Aluminum construction
  • OEM black powder coat finish
  • Factory placed PCV and sensor location
  • No check engine light guaranteed
  • Can withstand high boost
  • Easy installation
  • 3D scanning and CAD modeling provide precision fitment
  • Everything required for installation is provided in the kit




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