BMS Race Intercooler Upgrade (F-Chassis N20/N55)


Race-spec intercooler upgrade for N20 and N55 F-series vehicles. 6.5″ intercooler, 110% larger than OEM


Upgrade your intercooler and deliver consistent, reliable power run after run

The largest intercooler for your N55 N20 N26 BMW. Good for over 1000whp the massive BMS high-density RACE intercooler delivers better cooling, more power to the wheels, and allows you to hold that power longer during extended runs. With a much larger core and more surface area than stock, your intercooler pressure drop is reduced and cooling dramatically improved. Resulting in peak power gains of 10whp+ and during longer pulls and back to back runs as much as 30whp+ over the small heat soak prone factory intercooler.

The new F chassis RACE core is intended for serious performance applications such as upgraded turbos or single turbo kits, providing absolutely the best cooling capacity available.

The race intercooler may require minor trimming of the plastic/rubber shrouding during installation. The bumper does not need to be removed for installation. Simply remove the front under-pan. Remove the left and right intercooler clamps. Then unscrew the factory intercooler and replace it with the BMS RACE intercooler.

Features and Benefits

  • 110% larger than the OEM intercooler
  • High flow oversized design
  • Lowers intake air temperature for more power
  • L 20″ x  W 6.5″ x H 11″ + 3″ deep step
  • Larger end tanks
  • Larger core size
  • Prevents heat soak
  • Direct bolt-on factory replacement
  • Easy install
  • Fully Reversible

N20 N55 BMS Race Intercooler vs OEM


BMW 1 Series
• 2014-2018 N55 BMW F20 F21 M135i

BMW 2 Series
• 2014-2018 N55 N20 N26 BMW F22/F23 228i, M235i,
• 2016-2019 N55 Powered M2

BMW 3 Series
• 2012-2018 N55 N20 N26 BMW F30 F31 F34 320i, 328i, 328ix, 335i,  335ix

BMW 4 Series
• 2014-2018 F32 F33 F36 N55 N20 N26 420i, 428i, 435i, 435xi Coupe, Convertible, and Gran coupe


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