CSF Racing 5.5″ Intercooler N54/N55


CSF Racing Intercooler (FMIC) for E-Series N54 and N55


Where to even start with this excellent front-mount intercooler from CSF Racing. For one, this FMIC is able to keep IAT’s up to 50°F less than the OEM N54/N55 intercoolers. The 8.25″ height and 5.5″ depth, coupled with a rounded bar/plate core, allow massive airflow over the intercooler surface for maximum cooling. A few features of the CSF Racing FMIC include:

  • Stepped intercooler design
  • Rounded bar/plate core
  • All-aluminum end tanks
  • Capable of 1000+hp, per CSF
  • Pressure tested to 120psi

CSF tested their intercooler to 120psi showing it is built to handle the most powerful, aggressive N54 and N55 builds. Whether your goals are a modest 400whp FBO or 700whp single turbo setup this intercooler is for you. Order now in black or silver!

*NOTE: Some trimming may be required


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Silver, Black


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