BMW Fuel Pump Upgrades for N54/N55


Increase fuel flow and increase ethanol capabilities on N54/N55-powered 135/335 BMWs with upgraded low pressure fuel pumps


E Chassis 135i, 335i, and X1  Stage 1 LPFP Upgrades! 

These kits are designed to be installed inline with your stock low-pressure fuel pump (LPFP). They provide approximately 50% more flow when combined with your stock pump.

E Chassis 135i, 335i, and X1  Stage 2 Bucketless LPFP Upgrades

This is a complete low-pressure fuel pump (LPFP) upgrade that replaces your stock LPFP assembly with a new E85-certified bucketless assembly.
This solution provides up to 25% more flow than Fuel-It! standard Stage 2 upgrade, up to 100% more flow than stock, and includes the following:
• A complete plug-and-play solution by simply replacing your stock bucket
• Our custom billet aluminum anodized bracket for the pump and float assembly
• A new E85 compatible Walbro pump
• A new Walbro filter
• A custom anodized billet fitting for the pump output and stock fuel line connection.
• Spare vent tube clip
• Two cotter pins to secure your float assembly
 *Stage 2 bucketless pumps can be purchased with the standard Walbro 450 pump or the optional 525 pump that flows approximately 10% more fuel.

Universal Lock Ring Removal Tool

The universal ring tool that will work on E, F, and G-chassis BMWs as well as many others.

This adjustable fuel pump lock ring removal/install tool is a professional-grade tool perfect for removing the factory metal fuel pump lock ring under the rear seat. Featuring 3 adjustable arms with a diameter range of 5.2”-7.6” (135mm to 195mm), a 1/2″ drive ratchet or breaker, or a 21mm socket fitting for ease of use.

Additional information

Choose Your Pump:

N54 135 (E8X) and 335 (E9X) Stage 1 LPFP Upgrade ($199), Stage 2 Bucketless LPFP Upgrade with Walbro 450 ($399), Stage 2 Bucketless LPFP Upgrade with Walbro 525 ($474.95)

Add Lockring Removal Tool?

No removal tool, Yes, include removal tool ($25)


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