BMW M50/M52/M54 Spark Plugs


Set of (6) OEM NGK Spark Plugs


Set of (6) OEM NGK Spark Plugs

BMW Part # 12-12-0-037-607


Will fit all the following engines:
M50: 2.5L
M52: 2.5L, 2.8L
M54: 2.5L, 3.0L

These OEM NGK spark plugs will fit all US-model M50, M52, and M54 engines.

Each of these engines are naturally-aspirated I6 motors. Since these cars are naturally-aspirated and not turbocharged, the spark plugs and ignition coils tend to last longer than on turbocharged vehicles.

We recommend replacing the spark plugs on these engines every 50,000 miles, or when symptoms start to appear. Common symptoms of bad spark plugs are slow engine starting, rough idling, sluggish performance, poor gas mileage, and engine misfires.


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