BMW S85 M5/M6 OEM Ignition Coils


Set of Ten (10) OEM BMW S85 Ignition Coils


Set of Ten (10)

OEM BMW S85 Ignition Coils (BMW SKU: 12 13 7 841 556)

2006-2010 BMW S85 M5/M6 Ignition Coils

These OEM ignition coils are a direct replacement for all BMW S85 V10 engines. We recommend sooner intervals for most BMW’s, however these are expensive ignition coils that generally last longer. Given the cost and lifespan, we recommend replacing S85 ignition coils every 80,000-110,000 miles. Symptoms of old, faulty ignition coils may include:

  • Rough Idle
  • Misfires
  • Sluggish Performance/Acceleration
  • Power Loss

Due to cost you may consider holding off on ignition coils until there are noticeable symptoms.

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Bremi/STI, Delphi Technologies


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