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BMW N54/N55 E-Series Electric Water Pump Replacement DIY (Video)

Meet Zach

Zach is a BMW enthusiast with a passion for performance. With over 10 years of experience modifying and performing DIY work on BMWs, he’s developed a deep understanding of virtually every BMW engine. He’s also the proud owner of a 600whp N54 with upgraded twin turbos and an E30 325i drift car and has a particular affinity for the S58 engine. Zach is highly knowledgeable about all things BMW, but his expertise in tuning and performance mods sets him apart. His experience as an enthusiast, combined with his technical knowledge, makes him an essential resource for anyone looking to improve the performance of their BMW.

Signs of N55 Water Pump Failure:

  • Engine overheating significantly – usually rapid over-heating once the pump fails
  • Cooling Fan running full speed (noisy)
  • Coolant boiling out of coolant cap

N55 CEL Codes for Failing Water Pump:

  • 2E81, 2E82, 2E83, 2E84, 2E85
  • 377A
  • Remember to check fuses

Replacement Part

Water Pump for E-series N55 – $389

Water Pump for F-Series N55 – $449

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