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Zach is a BMW enthusiast with a passion for performance. With over 10 years of experience modifying and performing DIY work on BMWs, he’s developed a deep understanding of virtually every BMW engine. He’s also the proud owner of a 600whp N54 with upgraded twin turbos and an E30 325i drift car and has a particular affinity for the S58 engine. Zach is highly knowledgeable about all things BMW, but his expertise in tuning and performance mods sets him apart. His experience as an enthusiast, combined with his technical knowledge, makes him an essential resource for anyone looking to improve the performance of their BMW.

Alright, this is a tough article to write after we’ve written so much of this content for turbo BMW engines. The N52’s performance potential is often overshadowed by that of the N54 and other turbo BMW engines. When it comes to N52 performance mods, many will simply say, “buy a turbo BMW”.

We’re here to say that there are options for adding a significant amount more power to BMW’s naturally aspirated straight-6. However, in this guide, we will discuss a few of the best performance mods for the N52. And then at the end we’ll tell you to buy a turbo BMW. Nonetheless, let’s jump in and discuss the best power mods for the BMW N52 engine.

If you would rather consume this content via a video, check out our Best BMW N52 Mods video below:

1. BMW N52 Performance Mods – 3-Stage Intake Manifold Upgrade

N52 3 Stage Intake Manifold

We’re starting off with one of the simplest and best N52 performance mods to increase power. However, if you’re a 330i N52 owner then you already have this “mod” straight from the factory. The 330i makes 252hp from the factory whereas the 325i and 328i come in at 215hp and 230hp, respectively. They’re all the same exact engine, however, the 325i and 328i received a “de-tuned” intake manifold.

Simply replacing the intake manifold with the OEM 330i intake manifold will take any N52 into the 250hp ballpark. As such, 325i models may pick up 30-35hp and 328i models may see gains up to 20-25hp. It’s also a direct bolt-on upgrade since it comes directly from an N52.

How 330i Intake Manifolds Add Power

The 3-stage 330i intake manifold uses two differential air control valves (DISA valves) to direct the incoming air to the proper cylinders. As some may understand – not all cylinders are on the same cycle. Therefore, different cylinders need air at different times. The 3-stage intake manifold directs as much air as possible to the cylinders where the intake valves are open at a given time. This results in impressive performance gains for the N52, especially on the top end.

In order for the engine to take advantage of the additional airflow needs to be managed by the DME. For that reason, if you want to maximize the performance gains of a 3-stage N52 intake, you’ll need to have your engine tuned. There are multiple routes that you can go with N52 engine tuning.

Since the 3-stage intake upgrade is one of the most common N52 performance mods, there are a lot of options as far as canned flash tunes are concerned. If you have additional N52 performance mods installed, you might want to think about a custom tune to maximize the performance of all of your mods in conjunction.

N52 Intake Manifold Horsepower Gains: ~20hp (328i) and ~30-35hp (325i)

Buy Here: N52 330i 3-Stage Intake Manifold

2. BMW N52 Performance Mods – Intake Upgrade

N52 Injen Performance Intake

The second N52 mod we’re discussing is a performance intake. BMW’s N52 engine uses an intake designed to minimize noise rather than maximize airflow. There are certainly gains to be had with an upgraded intake. However, we don’t buy into some of the quoted horsepower gains. This states the aFe N52 intake provides gains up to 12hp and 15tq. We’re calling complete BS on that. Full bolt-on twin turbo N54 engines with dual cone intakes would be lucky to see power gains in that ballpark. No way the N52 is picking up that kind of power. Sorry.

Realistic horsepower gains with an N52 performance intake fall in the 0-5hp ballpark. You’ll probably pick up a few horsepower, but even 5hp is pretty optimistic. That said, you may gain a bit more than 5hp in the lower RPM range, but don’t expect massive peak torque gains. Intakes are still a solid overall performance mod for the N52. Even just a few horsepower gain is respectable for a naturally aspirated engine with a basic bolt-on part.

N52 Performance Intake Power Gains: 0-5hp

3. BMW N52 Performance Mods – Tunes

Tunes are often at the forefront of discussion when it comes to getting more power out of your BMW. They’re showcased all over the place for their ability to pick up 50-100+ horsepower on certain turbo BMW engines. However, tunes are a bit different on naturally aspirated engines.

One of the most popular tuning options for the N52 engine is the Active Autowerke’s N52 performance tune. Gains of up to 15hp are possible with the AA N52 tune. The N52 BMS Power Box Performance Tuner was once a popular option as well with gains up to 10hp. This product is now discontinued, however, you may be able to find some used examples.

Ultimately, the N52 AA tune is one of the most common and best tuning solutions for the N52 engine. The tune may also assist in maximizing the performance benefits of other mods, such as intakes, headers, and 3-stage manifolds. Most should expect tuned N52 horsepower gains of around 5-10hp. Again, more power may be possible with the full list of performance mods. All things considered, this is a respectable power improvement for a $459 tune on a naturally aspirated engine.

N52 Tune Horsepower Gains: Up to 15hp (most will likely pick up 5-10hp)

4. BMW N52 Performance Mods – Headers Upgrade (Exhaust Manifold)

N52 Performance Headers

Following the 3-stage intake manifold, headers are generally the second-best bolt-on N52 mod. The factory exhaust manifold is highly restrictive and results in a build-up of back-pressure. Reducing that back-pressure with an upgraded exhaust manifold helps the engine run more efficiently. This is because a reduction in back-pressure allows exhaust gases to escape faster.

In turn, the engine is able to get more fresh air into the cylinders. We don’t want to get too technical, but reducing back-pressure essentially reduces exhaust gas reversion. This is the process of exhaust gases actually being pulled back into the cylinder, which reduces torque created during the combustion process.

Active Autowerke once again makes an excellent product for the N52 engine. The AA N52 exhaust headers are capable of picking up 15-20whp (~20-25hp). Pretty darn impressive gains. As with most other N52 mods, the upgraded headers will show their most impressive gains when coupled with the 3-stage intake manifold.

Additionally, an upgraded exhaust manifold adds some excellent sounds to the N52. As if BMW’s naturally aspirated inline 6 engines don’t already sound good enough. Most say the upgraded headers are pretty modest sound-wise with an otherwise stock exhaust. It definitely adds a deeper, aggressive note, though. However, upgraded headers combined with our next mod may be too loud for some.

BMW N52 Exhaust Headers Horsepower Gains: 15-20whp (20-25hp)

5. N52 Performance Mods – Exhaust System

N52 Performance Exhaust

Full exhaust system performance gains can be up for debate (as with the N52 intakes). Even on the twin turbo N54 engine we are hesitant to recommend exhaust for performance benefits. Part of that, though, is due to the fact the N54 can pick up so much power with cheap mods. Exhaust is relatively expensive on the N54 for the modest power gains.

When it comes to the N52, power gains will also be modest. However, even small gains on naturally aspirated engines can go a long way. A fully catless exhaust may pick up roughly 5-7hp. Although, fully catless exhausts definitely aren’t for the faint of heart. The sound will be very loud and you’ll likely piss off the neighbors. Also expect some drone so a fully catless exhaust isn’t always a great option for daily driven N52’s.

Of course, there are tons of different ways to setup an aftermarket N52 exhaust system. The possibilities are endless with different mid-pipes, cats, mufflers, etc. However, any form of catted performance exhausts will likely only pick up 2-3hp. As such, an exhaust is a great upgrade if you’re looking for some awesome and unique sounds. A few horsepower is simply the cherry on top, but we don’t recommend this mod for power alone.

N52 Exhaust Horsepower Gains: 0-7hp

BMW N52 “Full Bolt-On” Performance

For the sake of this paragraph, we’re going to refer to the above 5 mods as “full bolt-on” (FBO) for the N52 engine. We’ll also reference this forum post as it’s got some great dynos and comparisons with different mods. Dynos are meant for baseline comparisons so it’s tough to compare different cars on different dynos.

Nonetheless, that 328i with a tune, 3-stage intake manifold, and headers made an impressive 240whp. If you factor in a standard 15% drive-train loss that puts the 328i at about 282hp. That’s a pretty good result to pick up roughly 50 horsepower on a naturally aspirated engine.

Assuming the owner also had an intake and exhaust (to make the N52 FBO) we would expect power to maybe be about 5whp more. Again, the biggest N52 power gains really come from the headers, manifold, and tune. Intakes and exhaust may add some power, but they’re probably better mods for those looking for improved sounds. Overall, there are certainly some crucial N52 performance mods that can make a big difference in how your BMW accelerates and puts down power.

Ignore Everything We Just Wrote

Now, we have to do this. My first car about 11 years ago was a 1993 Mercedes 300e. I loved the car, but being a young person I wanted the car to be more than it was. I asked for advice on performance mods on several Mercedes forums. No one was particularly helpful and everyone said it wasn’t worth doing performance mods to that car. It made me angry. However, I eventually realized they didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear. Rather, they told me what I needed to hear.

It’s time to say what some people need to hear about the N52 engine. It’s not a performance engine. However, N52-powered BMWs are awesome all-around cars. Fun, sporty, respectable handing, decent styling, and okay power for a naturally aspirated engine. Don’t try to make the N52 something it will never be. It’s not a straight-line, powerful engine. Stick to suspension and/or weight-saving mods, or move onto a more capable engine.

The only reason we say this is that many of us are hit with the power bug. It’s an endless cycle of always wanting more. If you think this might be you – just buy an N54, N55, or any other larger, forced induction engine. Otherwise, you may find yourself $3,000+ deep in mods only to realize the N52 will never meet or exceed your goals.

Of course, the easy way out is stating the N54 is too unreliable. That’s not totally true. For the amount you’ll spend on the five N52 mods listed in this post you can knock out a vast majority of preventative maintenance on an N54 or N55. The cost to buy the cars up-front isn’t all that different.

BMW N52 Performance Mods Summary

Generally, the 3 best bolt-on engine mods for the N52 are headers, the 330i 3-stage manifold, and a tune. These mods alone will likely put the N52 in the ballpark of 270-280 horsepower. Pretty respectable gains for an older, naturally aspirated engine. Two other popular mods are exhausts and intakes, however, the performance gains may be up for debate. You may pick up a few extra horsepower with each, but the cost may not justify the performance gains alone. As such, we believe exhausts and intakes are best suited to those looking for sounds.

All things considered, N52-powered BMWs are fun, sporty cars. However, the N52 is not a performance-oriented engine. We know some will hate us for saying this, but stick to suspension or weight-saving mods. Alternatively, if you’re interested in power, find a car and engine better suited to performance mods.

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  1. I’ve been a BMW guy for over 30 years, a really simple mod for I little more umph ,I did a res delete and cut a four inch hole I my stock box, I took out the stupid extra filter in the box and wow the car really woke up, I can tell a difference, it pulls harder on full accelerate, next is the 3 stage

  2. hi
    im sharon, I have 525 e60 with n52b25 engine ( Black valve cover )
    The engine already has a 3-stage intake manifold, with valves.
    It seems like all I have to do is reprogram the ecu and upgrad the exhaust headers Right?

    Is re-mapping safe? Will the engine and related systems not be damaged as a result?

    Can my engine, which is actually 2.5 liters in volume, be able to increase power and be like the 530 which is actually 3.0 liters? (From 218hp to 272hp)

  3. Is this site active?
    I left a message here with a question, and also sent an email with a question about the components they post for sale regarding improving engine performance, and there is no response from them, at all ..

  4. Hello
    I have 2008 bmw x5 E70 my engine is n52n
    My intake manifold is 3 stage or no
    Answer me please

  5. Clearly after reading your article you don’t understand the people who want a naturally aspirated six to give more power. We’re not trying to make it at 335I. We don’t want a turbo. We can afford a turbo and we choose the N 52. We want an old-school naturally aspirated BMW. Not the little turbo that will do it all with traction control and an automatic with launch assist. This is not some kid trying to turn his little four banger Mitsubishi eclipse in the fast and furious car. We “dinosaurs” want a BMW straight 6 with a stick and RWD. That’s driving. And we want as much power as we can get without sacrificing the real thrill and skill of driving!

    1. Hi Jonathan,

      We understand some are less concerned with power, and simply appreciate the simplicity and reliability of a NA engine. I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to with the traction control, auto trans, and launch control. The N52 and N54 both have traction control, which can be fully disabled. Our 335i never had any issues putting 400-450whp to the ground on stock turbos with traction off. The N54 is available in RWD with a manual transmission. Automatics don’t have launch control.

      The whole point of the N54 and most other turbo BMW engines is to feel like a larger NA engine. I totally disagree that turbos take anything away from the thrill and skill of driving, but each to their own.

      N52 powered BMW’s are still great cars. The lack of turbos helps shave weight off the front end. Throw on some suspension/handling mods and you’ve got a capable, fun, and sporty car. Engine mods just don’t make much sense on the N52, in my opinion. I think money spent on handling mods will result in more fun per dollar.

      Best Regards,

  6. I purchased a 128i with the n51 (so it already had the 3SI manifold. The prior owner added headers and an AA tune, along with wheels/suspension/short shifter. I had to remove the headers and tune to pass emissions, and let me tell you, it’s a significantly different driving experience. The engine roar and mid range pull are sorely missed. Do those two mods make a night and day difference? No. But they transform the character and power delivery in a way that justifies the cost. With the other mods, it’s a synergistic result that put a smile on my face each time I drove. It wasn’t about being the fastest, but the enjoyment of a more raw, balanced machine.

  7. I purchased and n52 330i. its in a bad state. I just did the cylinder head. now I am about to replace most sensors because every light is on. where do I start

  8. I have got this engine in a car that did not make it to the US, the 130i E87. In 2021 it is nearly impossible to find anything on this motor and as quickly summarised in this article, you will never be able to make this engine as an S54.
    Nevertheless it is a very nice engine, in particulary in the tiny E87 body especially when you have a manual gearbox coupled with it.
    This car is my daily as I refuse to drive anything modern and it has been updated with BMC filter (classic cheap mod) and anti-roll bars (H&R), sport suspension (Bilstein) and a limited slip diff (Qaiffe). This is a kit made by Birds Garage (UK).
    These N52 NA engines should be enjoyed for what they offer as in today’s world, everything is forced induced.
    An NA engine + Manual gearbox + whatever wheel drives should be experiences by any car enthusiast! 🙂
    Ride on guys

    1. Ive got the 330i N52N. I’m in the UK and looking to maximise handling mods. Did the above mods make a difference for you. Revamping the entire car, currently working on replacing some engine bits such as VANOs solenoids, ignition coils etc. I think the LSD from Birds works out to be around £1000 with fitting. Was it worth it?

  9. On my N52B25 177HP the intake manifold has mounting hole looks like it has been blocked and hole for the 3 mounting scrue and extra connector for the second disa. Can I open the hole and mount the second disa and then it is like a stage 3???

    1. you could encounter brittle plastic causing a break or fracture. i just picked up a stage3 off ebay about 160 bucks, it looks brand new,,, and i dont need to worry about needing one if i damage something i can resale once i pull the old one out of the car… good luck on your upgrade!

  10. I would love to have a discussion with you about putting in a NON turbo v8 (S65) into my E83. “buy another car that has that V8” Its about the Car. My E83 is my adventure platform, and looking for a reliable reasonably torquey engine that can produce maybe 400 bhp. My builder friend thinks it doable, but can’t visualize the oil pan issue. Didn’t the X5 use this engine at one point?

    1. Hi Andrew,

      The S65 was only used in the E9x M3; it was also in a few M3 and Z4 race cars. It’s a solid engine and I’m not sure how you define reasonably torquey but the S65 4.0L V8 doesn’t offer much torque. You really have to rev the engine out to get into the powerband. There’s nothing wrong with that and some people love it, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

      I am not aware of any S65 swaps in the E83, but it could likely be done. However, there would surely be some headaches along the way and it won’t be a cheap endeavor.


  11. I have a 09 328 awd coupe with M package. Is this an X drive or xi? Also my engine is the n51 does this make any sense. From your article I gathered all e90, 92’s have n52. And lastly its at 150,000. Never any leaks never any issues but now problems rising should throw money at and keep her, or start looking for a replacement

  12. So what bout this bolt on supercharger as well.
    Is it not worth it. They said this BOLT ON MOD CAN GET YOU 400HP TO THE WHEEL EASILY so I’m guessing it could do more depending on the tuning..
    ESS N52/N52N G1 Supercharger System (Gen.3)

    1. I’m single-turbo swapping my 135i N54. Everything bolts-on in theory, but you wouldn’t consider it a bolt-on mod. With all that being said, it just really isn’t worth it on an N52. Pretty sure the ESS supercharger only gets to around 275-290whp on the N52 with other bolt-on mods from our list. 22RPD sells some kits that claim to get it around 400whp, but now you’re talking an extra $3k on top of the $5k kit and all the other supporting bolt-ons you need. Ultimately you end up $10k deep on mods on just to make 400whp. If we were talking about a Miata, this would be sweet. Maybe on a Z4 it’s a bit more fun, but our opinion is at this point you should just go get an N54.

      Generally speaking most people wouldn’t consider adding FI to an NA engine a bolt-on mod even if it literally does bolt-on.

  13. Dear Zach,
    I have read your wonderful bolt on mods for the N52 engine numerous times now but I do have a question. It appears that you are addressing the 325i and 328i??? and I have a 2007 BMW Z4 3.0i that sure could use a bit more power boost. First off, will the first 4 mods work on a Z4 and second, when I look into trying to find an Active Autowerke’s tune, I find they have one for both the Z4 3.0i and also the N52 performance tune that does not mention anything about the Z4??? I am totally lost here.

    Would it be best in your opinion to send Active Autowerke’s the ECU and have them install the tune since I live in Omaha Nebraska and there is no one that has the platform to install the AA tune here.

    So, with a 2007 Z4 in mind, would you still recommend the mods you mention for the N52 engine?

    thanks so much and keep up the good work.

    1. Doug,

      The Z4’s came in 2.5i, 3.0i, and 3.0Si. The 3.0i is M54 if i recall correctly, whereas the 3.0Si is the N52. That said, the advice given in the article is pretty sound regardless of engine. A tune, possibly headers, and find any way to replace or de-restrict the intake pathway. Unfortunately the 3-stage manifold swap doesn’t apply to the M54. The N52 in the Z4 3.0Si already has it.

    2. Hello Doug,
      You and I have the exact same car. I hope yours isn’t pewter gray, that would be super awks!! Lol.
      I can verify that all mods listed above will be applicable in our Z…. I have them. Hope this helps friend 🤙🏻

  14. I think maybe the thing is in your region there are no possibilities when is about NA tuning.. here I used to have a 330ci 2008 (n52b30) with full bolt-ons (stock/tuned intake man.) I remove the cylinder head for checking and other stuff and decided to make some light head work (keepin stock cams) doing match porting and light intake tract job plus the proper remap the car made 326 HP (crank) from its stock 268hp! Runs smooth and sharp very similar to the E46 M3!

  15. n51s were used in states with high emission standards, already have 3 stage disa intakes, cant be modified nly the 52s

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