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BMW N63 Upgraded Twin Turbo Guide

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Previously, we wrote a post about modding BMW N63 engines to make 500+whp on stock turbos. These are already impressive results. However, that’s simply not enough power for some N63 owners. That’s where N63 and N63tu upgraded turbos come into play. Although, upgrading N63 twin turbos does come with additional risks. In this guide, we’ll examine several upgraded twin turbo options along with the potential power and risks of each.

If you are looking for additional information about the BMW N63 engine including specs, common problems, and best performance mods, take a look at our dedicated BMW N63 Engine Page.

**BMW N63 Pure Stage 1 turbos pictured above

BMW N63 vs N63tu Upgraded Turbos

The turbos referenced in this guide will fit both the N63 and N63tu models. However, it’s important to note a few significant differences with the engines. We wrote an in depth post about the differences between the N63 and N63tu here. The main difference we want to focus on lies within the internals. The N63tu engine receives a forged crank and rods. Additionally, the N63tu features oil spray nozzles to help cool the piston crowns.

These differences make the N63tu a stronger engine overall. With proper supporting mods and tuning, the N63 and N63tu are capable of making similar power numbers. Though, the N63tu is better suited to handling higher horsepower. However, both engines have their limits. That leads us to our next paragraph. However, one more quick difference before we move on.

The N63 recently received flash tuning capabilities. Flash tunes are highly recommended to fully utilize upgraded twin turbos. As far as we are aware, N63’s must actually send in their DME’s for flash tuning. The N63tu is a much easier engine to flash tune. Bootmod3 N63 tunes are a great starting point, but you’ll need a custom flash to fully utilize the turbos.

N63 and N63tu Horsepower Limits

It’s tough to put upper limits on any engine. This is especially true with the N63 and N63tu where not many are pushed to 600-700+whp. Additionally, torque plays a bigger role in an engine’s upper limits when compared to horsepower. Keep in mind – the more power and torque you push, the more risk you are taking on a stock engine. In general, we believe the “safe” upper limits of the N63 and N63tu are as follows:

  • N63 – 600wtq
  • N63tu – 650wtq

There is, of course, still risk at these levels. Ultimately, it’s important to ensure you’re running a proper tune, fueling, and supporting mods. If you’re targeting 600+whp we highly recommend running meth, race gas, E85 mixtures, or a combination of those. Additionally, you may consider tuning to limit torque on the lower-end and mid-range unless you’re building your engine. You can still make big power by shifting the curve right. We won’t go any further into that in this post.

However, if you’re looking for more info check out our S55 upgraded twin turbo guide. If you scroll down a little bit you’ll see a section titled “S55 Top-End Power” followed by two dyno charts. The same basic concept applies to the N63 and N63tu, as well.

BMW N63 Upgraded Twin Turbo Options

Alright, it’s almost time to dive into the more exciting part. However, one more quick topic to discuss prior. We highly recommend opting for 1-step colder spark plugs (NGK 97506) for upgraded turbo N63’s. Additionally, you may consider replacing your ignition coils if that hasn’t been done in the past 50,000+ miles.

BMW N63 1-Step Colder Spark Plugs

BMW N63 OEM Ignition Coils

Depending on your power goals you may be able to get away with OEM N63 spark plugs. However, 1-step colder plugs assist in transferring more heat away from the spark plug tips. Many modded N54, N55, S55, N63, etc engines run the NGK 97506 plugs with great success. Anyways, let’s move on to the exciting stuff.

**Generally, we prefer to find multiple dynos and different cars running each set of turbos. However, information for N63’s and N63tu’s running upgraded turbos is limited. As such, some of the horsepower numbers we use below are estimates and/or are taken from the manufacturers recommendations. Additionally, the power numbers assume you have proper tuning, fueling, and supporting mods.

1. N63 Pure Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade (600-700whp)

Price: $2,750

N63 Pure Stage 1 Dyno

Pure Turbo builds some awesome turbos not only for the N63, but also many other modern BMW engines. Many run these turbos with excellent results. They’re without a doubt one of the most popular turbo upgrade options for all modern, turbo BMW engines. It’s hard to argue with the quality, price, and results of these turbos.

There are multiple N63’s making over 600whp on pump gas and meth injection only. One managed and impressive 640whp and 680wtq with a JB4 on 91 octane and meth injection. Impressive numbers, but keep in mind that torque is likely pushing the upper limits of the N63 and N63tu. Another made 655whp and 582wtq on a flash tune with race gas and meth. This was also on a Mustang dyno so the actual power may be closer to 700whp on a dynojet. We reference this example because it’s a great ballpark to target with an unopened N63 engine. Peak power is impressive, however the torque of 582wtq indicates the owner likely tuned out a bit of torque in the mid-range. It’s a good way to play things a bit safer with a stock engine.

Overall, Pure Stage 1 turbos are an excellent option for the N63 and N63tu. These turbos are certainly capable of pushing the upper limits of the N63 engine. With proven results and a good price point it’s tough to go wrong.

2. N63 Vargas Turbo Tech Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade (650-750whp)

Price: $2,829

Vargas Turbo Technologies (VTT) is yet another popular option for many modern BMW engines. Based on their website, it appears they claim these turbos are good for up to 800whp. However, we weren’t able to find any examples of N63’s running these turbos. They’re a similar option to the Pure Stage 1 turbos mentioned above, so we suspect they’re also good for at least 700whp.

Again, as with Pure Turbos, the VTT stage 1 turbo upgrade is likely enough to push the upper limits of the N63 engine. This is a common theme for most aftermarket N63 turbo options.

3. N63Intake Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade (550-650whp)

Price: $3,500

We’re slightly guessing on the horsepower quoted above. There really isn’t much information about these upgraded stage 2 N63 turbos from N63intake.com. They show a few dynos on their site of the turbos making 580+whp and 600+wtq. However, that’s about all of the information we could find. It would be nice if we had some additional information such as fueling and supporting mods.

Again, the power numbers above are an estimate but we suspect with proper tuning and fueling these turbos are good for at least 600whp. Unfortunately, without additional info there isn’t much more to say. However, N63intake.com does make some popular products for N63 engines. We were unsure whether or not to include these turbos in our guide. However, there aren’t too many options out there so we ultimately decided to throw them in.

4. N63 Pure Stage 2 Turbo Upgrade (700-750+whp)

Price: $4,495

Moving onto yet another N63 upgraded twin turbo option that doesn’t have much data out there. They do provide the above dyno on their site, which is tough to see perfectly. However, it appears the run in black managed to eclipse 750whp and 750wtq. Definitely impressive results but we wish we knew more about the car, fueling, and supporting mods.

These turbos can push the N63 well past it’s safe upper limits. It doesn’t appear many N63 owners are building their engines to handle bigger power. That likely plays a role in these turbos not being as popular as the above Pure stage 1 option. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in exploring the limits of the N63 the Pure stage 2 turbos will definitely get you there. It’s definitely going to take a lot of supporting mods and proper fueling to support 700+whp. Additionally, that’s beginning to push well outside the limits of the factory automatic transmission.

N63 Upgraded Twin Turbo Summary

The N63 and N63tu are capable engines straight from the factory. BMW’s N63 has shown to make 500+whp on stock turbos while the N63tu has eclipsed 550whp. However, if those numbers don’t satisfy your goals then N63 upgraded twin turbos are the way to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem many are really pushing the limits of this platform. As such, data and information on turbo upgrades is rather limited.

Pure stage 1 turbos seem to be the most popular option for N63 twin turbo upgrades. There are multiple examples being pushed north of 600whp, which are certainly impressive results. A few other options VTT, N63intake.com, and Pure’s stage 2 turbo upgrade. Keep in mind – all of these N63 upgraded twin turbos are capable of pushing the engine towards its upper limits. We recommend limiting torque below 600-650wtq and allowing the turbos to make their biggest results towards the top-end. Additionally, proper fueling such as race gas or E85 and meth injection are recommended. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to push your N63 or N63tu to the next level – look no further than upgraded twin turbos.

* We appreciate any feedback. Please feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions or think we missed something

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  1. Hi I’m jason have 2011 n63 with vargas turbos and full bolt ons and I need dyno…also have jb4 running 30% e85 thinkn I’m around 700hp

  2. Your n63 turbo upgrade article has erroneous information. You like many uninformed, state the n63tu has forged rods. They are completely cast and are crack forged which simply means the rod cap and rod are metallurgically mated surfaces. The rods themselves are in no way forged. Someone might get the wrong idea and add more power then they can handle by your article.

    1. Hi “Bmw pro”,

      The rods are forged. Period. End of discussion. From BMW’s technical training guides, “It is a cracking forged connecting rod with even with. The small connecting rod eye is drilled into the forged, trapezoidal connecting rod head,…” If it were simply a cracked rod there would be no use of the word forged. They also specify the forged con-rod head. These rods are made in one piece. And they’re forged. It’s that simple.

      That alone is pretty meaningless info, though. There are cast rods around that can tolerate more power, torque, and abuse than certain forged rods. The forged rods in most BMW’s are your standard run of the mill forged rods. A high-end cast rod could certainly perform better. At the end of the day, whether or not the rods are forged doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change the limits of the engine from what real world testing and results show to be the rough limits.


  3. There’s also the far cheaper option of installing S63TU manifolds and turbos, which uses a WAY better manifold and turbos that are capable of more boost.

  4. I own a 09 BMW 750 ,IYou mentioned aftermarket turbos. How about doing a story on how to Install the newer twin scroll OEM turbos off one of the newer N63TU engines. I would think the Junk yards should be a option for Upgrading the early N63 motors. Would you recommend buying the hi pressure fuel pumps off the N63TU as long as your dealing with the recycling guy for turbos ? Thank you for all your information you provided !

  5. Hi everyone!
    I’m Tom from Italy.
    I have a 2021 Bmw X6 M50i tuned by Pureturbos.eu ( N63Tu3 engine). I have 400 cell downipes from Active Autowerke and stage 2 remap. The results are impressive: 612 Whp and 850 WNM of Torque.

    I’m thinking about to put new Pure 800 turbochagers available also for this platform engine, but I’m a little bit afraid of the engine reliability.

    Pure Turbos says the N63 Tu3 can support up to 700 Whp. What do you reccomend me?

    I run only 100 RON fuel…

    1. Hi Tommaso,

      The N63TU3 is a great engine – especially the upper output variant in your X6 M50i. The N63TU3 should be generally safe at 700whp with all the proper supporting mods, quality tuning, etc. However, one concern of mine is running 100 RON (~95 octane) fuel at those power levels. Running E85, water methanol injection, or race gas is ideal if you want to reliably and safely make about 700whp. On pump gas I’d feel much safer keeping the engine around 650whp.


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