G80 M3 and G82 M4 – Ugly Doesn’t Do It Justice

I am utterly embarrassed to be a BMW enthusiast right now. There are no words yet invented to describe the newest G80 M3 and G82 M4. Ugly, grotesque, horrid, and hideous are the nicest way to describe these horrific cars. This will be a rather informal post with a few pictures, because I don't know what more to say. We'll start with some of the better aspects though.

G80 M3 Rear View

BMW G80 M3 M4 RearPin

Alright, the back end of the G80 M3 and G82 M4 looks decent. I think it will grow on me with time, but as of now the F8x's are much better looking M cars even from the rear. For now the G80 M3 gets a pass. Don't hate it. Don't love it.

G82 M4 Side View

BMW G80 M3 M4 SidePin

Again, I'll give the G82 M4 a pass for its looks from the side. It has a disturbing resemblance to a 2018+ S550 Mustang GT, which I don't think is a bad looking car by any means. However, I'm not a huge fan of the side view of those cars. The same applies to this M4.

G80 M3 and G82 M4 Ugly Front

BMW G80 M3 M4 FrontPin

This is where things really went wrong. I don't think the rear or sides of the G80 M3 or G82 M4 are ugly. They also don't meet my expectations after the F80 M3 and F82 M4. However, the front end and particularly the grilles is where things turned tragic. Honestly - these cars look awful. They're the worst looking modern BMW's by a long shot. And for that look to to be sported on BMW's legendary M3? Unacceptable.

I understand looks are subjective, but I don't believe M enthusiasts were ready for this. It feels like a slap in the face. The G80 M3 and G82 M4 front ends are truly ugly, ugly, ugly.

The Good - G80 M3 & G82 M4

We'll write more and more about these cars in the near future, so this is a quick summary. Things aren't all bad. A few pluses for these new M3 and M4's include:

  • S58 engine
  • Manual transmission
  • Beautiful interior
  • Improved steering
  • AWD option (automatics only)

We're big into engines here at BMW Tuning, so we'll write a separate section below. Moving onto the other points - fortunately, BMW has not ditched the manual transmission yet. Both the M3 and M4 will have the option. The interior also appears to be a significant upgrade over the previous generation. Finally, BMW worked on improving the steering to offer sharper response and better feedback through the steering wheel. The lack of steering feel was a major complaint for the F80 generation M3 and M4.

Lastly, those opting for the 8-speed automatic transmission will have the option for M xDrive. That should make the newest G80 M3 and G82 M4 more exciting for the horsepower nuts. This somewhat ties into what we'll discuss below with the engine. It's going to make some serious power with basic bolt-ons, and it will only get crazier with upgraded turbos. The AWD auto option may be a good choice for power enthusiasts looking to make big time power and launch from a dig. The 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times should be pretty impressive.

M3 & M4 S58 Engine

The S58 engine found in the G80 M3 and G82 M4 should be a masterpiece. This engine has been out for a bit over a year in the X3M and X4M. It's already making some serious power, and things will progress quickly once G80 M3's and G82 M4's hit the streets. Below is a dyno of the S58 powerplant.


That's some serious power for a JB4 tune only with E47 fueling. We'll be curious to see how much power the S58 has in it with some downpipes, an intake, and more E85. 700whp may not be out of the realm of possibilities with the S58 stock turbos. With the optional 8-speed auto and AWD that should lay down some pretty insane times from a dig.

G80/G82 M3 & M4 Summary

As of now, we're really disappointed in the looks of these new M cars. It's really hard to come around to those ugly, massive grilles up front. The disappearance of the hood bump is also a bit sad. However, I've always thought BMW's don't photograph very well for whatever reason. The F80's look too subtle on the internet, but I'm always amazed how sporty and aggressive they look in person.

Fortunately, once inside these M cars you won't be able to see the front grilles. Hopefully the thought of the ugly front end will fade away within the beautiful and sporty looking interior. Additionally, the S58 engine is phenomenal and still offers mating to a manual transmission or 8-speed auto. The automatic versions will also offer an AWD option, which may offer breathtaking performance with a tune and basic bolt-ons.

The overall package of the G80 M3 and G82 M4 is very tempting. Maybe with time the front end of these cars will grow on us. Alternatively, aftermarket bumpers and grilles may take over as the new norm for mods rather than the usual engine bolt-ons. Maybe BMW's goal was to get us to stop modding these engines by forcing us to spend the money on the front end.

What do you think about the new G80 M3 and/or G82 M4?

BMW S55 vs S58 Engines


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9 thoughts shared

  1. I specially did not get a G80 because it’s so fugly. I’ve seen enough of them in person and it’s much worse than any picture. Love my F80.

  2. Its actually much better looking in person. Its very aggressive and I actually like this more masculine look. i just ordered an M3 competition. The only option that was not available was the X Drive. A small price to pay to get it NOW.

  3. I kind of like the front, but I will reserve my final judgement until I see one in flesh as I don’t think any photo/video can do justice of any car’s actual design.

  4. I actually love the front. I hated it in the early camo shots, but think it looks great on full display “in color”.

    – E92 M3 owner